Week 50/2017

1 min read

Just before Christmas there is much more work than ever so no much time for writing posts. However there is always time for quick week update! 🙂

Not many positions but huge and great changes:

  • Check out new connector in MS Teams for Github, Jira and Bitbucket where you can set notifications of pull requests (create, approve, update, reject), pushes, issues and commits so you can keep an eye on everything from one place. From my perspective that was something really important since I can use now 1 software to get quick overview and if I would like to get more in detail (i.e. code review) I can go for more specialized tool. 
  • There is General Availability of Office 365 Advanced Threat Protection for SharePoint, OneDrive, and Microsoft Teams (yey!)
  • Visual Studio for Mac is now released
  • This one is from last month but…I don’t know how could I missed that. Visual Studio Live Share – and this is awesome! Why? Just first few thoughts: code review, learning with assistance, remote pair-programming, skill examination etc.

Have a great weekend! 🙂