Week 49/2017

1 min read

New week, new quick update for you!

  1. I cannot count how many times it was a pitfall for me and my colleagues – managing O365 without powershell (i.e. from Mac)? Now you can – Platform independent Command-Line Interface for Office365 now available! 
  2. Visual Studio Code now supports Azure Data Lake R & Python extensions!
  3. There is new version of the Elastic Database Client Library for Azure SQL database supporting Java. The client library provides tools to help developers scale out the data tier of their applications using sharding, including support for multi-tenancy patterns for Software as a Service (SaaS) applications.
  4. iOS Yammer users have now an option to praise their coworkers as well as publish announcements from mobile app.


And if you have a little bit more time for a small literature I recommend you below content: