Week 51/2017

Week 51 update incoming!

But first…This week I made a presentation on Google Campus in Warsaw about Typescript. 

I’ll write about it more on the next week but just for now – quick link to view my presentation about Typescript 🙂


All designs made by “Design Ideas” (automagic!) available in PowerPoint!

Office 365

Few important changes for Microsoft Teams – a tool from Microsoft that is becoming one of the most hits from Microsoft and place it right after OneNote in my private ranking 🙂 :

  • Microsoft Teams
    • First of all – you can now use your Microsoft Teams as your private telephone network used within a company (PBX)
    • There was an update for MS Teams that fixes problem with polish characters (believe me – it was crucial!), allow for sharing window (before you can only share whole screen) and few other stuff that prepares MS Teams to swap Skype for Business for ever! (yey!)


Quantum-computing is something that is arising from laboratory phase into development and common usage. Microsoft is aware that quantum computing is becoming more and more important so they providing free preview version of its Quantum Development Kit (Article) -> Direct Link to Quantum Development Kit (includes local quantum machine simulator).


There is also documentation on how to setup your environment and start with Q# coding – check it out!

Extra read for weekend

  • Nowadays there are many different opinions on FaceID feature presented by newest Apple device. There are some pros and cons for that (as for everything actually) but Troy Hunt made well argumented opinion that for me is a verdict – FaceID stinks
  • From some time I’m quite interested more in management topics than before. I started to read more and more about it and I found that that some time ago Google ignited project called Oxygen that tried to prove if management roles are needed or not in organization. Great article, great conclusions.
  • If you were interested in attending on AWS re:Invent 2017 Sessions but from some reasons skip that and wanted to see what it was about (like me) – there is a great list with all AWS re:Invent 2017 Sessions