Week 49/2017

New week, new quick update for you!

  1. I cannot count how many times it was a pitfall for me and my colleagues – managing O365 without powershell (i.e. from Mac)? Now you can – Platform independent Command-Line Interface for Office365 now available! 
  2. Visual Studio Code now supports Azure Data Lake R & Python extensions!
  3. There is new version of the Elastic Database Client Library for Azure SQL database supporting Java. The client library provides tools to help developers scale out the data tier of their applications using sharding, including support for multi-tenancy patterns for Software as a Service (SaaS) applications.
  4. iOS Yammer users have now an option to praise their coworkers as well as publish announcements from mobile app.


And if you have a little bit more time for a small literature I recommend you below content:


Microsoft is now like never before

Today won’t be technically. Today will be about something that has been following me from a long time. Something that is a result of many years strategy and 27caused that Microsoft is now like never before. 

Genesis: The Story 

Few weeks before now I had a chat with a colleague of mine. In his company he has O365 tenant with all of its sugar: Word, Excel, Project Online, SharePoint Online etc. However for team chat/messaging his company use Slack. When I asked “Why?” he answered: “we’ve tried using Skype for Business but it’s unusable. It’s absolutely counter-intuitive and its conference quality (especially audio) leaves a lot to be desired. And I must agree. But then I asked him:

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Week 48/2017

This week I’m serving you great news from SharePoint Online areas:

  1. Remember Document Information Panel in Microsoft Word?

Properties area of Info Tab with Status field displaying a red border

Quite limited especially when thinking about SharePoint integration. That’s why a new panel for document properties has been released (allow even for picking managed metadata!)

2. Now you can use PowerApps to provide SharePoint list form!!!!

3. Last week I wrote about new powershell module for Microsoft Teams. What if we could use it in Azure Function? This post describe how! Awesome job.

4. And since Azure Function has been mentioned – they’re now available on IoT and Linux too!

Have a great weekend!

Week 44 update

When I wrote post about August changes in Microsoft products I was not expecting that it will be so hard to decide which information include in such update – Microsoft is changing a lot (which is great!) and I would like to give you every great link that I came across on the internet but from the other side – if you would have to check every link or article I’ve provided you and read it…such updates will be pointless because I want it to give you quick glance of “how things are going in general in MS”.

That’s why I came up with new idea – week updates! Every friday so you can have a lecture for weekend and be updated for next week 🙂

I want to gather information about MS products road map updates (preview/release), some announcements about future plans and great articles that reading give you a lot of value.


So – here we go!


Roadmap updates


  1. Onedrive was always kind of mistery in terms of integration with other MS tools, licensing and priv/biz. Now it’s not! 
  2. Roadmap for Skype for Business capabilities coming to Microsoft Teams
  3. An introduction to Azure Web Apps on Linux
  4. Want to introduce your employees to the newest updates in SharePoint Online? At office.com/training, there are 3 new SharePoint Online training courses to help users get up and running


Have a great weekend!

How to connect SPO to AWS with AAD auth (checklist)

Not that long ago I’ve posted article about connecting from sharepoint online to azure web service using AAD authentication. I’ve checked it several times and every time I had a feeling “it’s too hard to easily follow it…”. And that’s how idea of checlist has born!
Following checklist will help you if you have any problems due to connecting from Sharepoint Online to Azure web service using Azure AD authentication.

If you’ll need life example check my code implementation here .

In this blog post I described a context for below checklist – read it if you fall into problems with CORS like:

XMLHttpRequest cannot load https://<App_URL>. No ‘Access-Control-Allow-Origin’ header is present on the requested resource. Origin ‘https://<tenant_name>.sharepoint.com‘ is therefore not allowed access.  Continue reading “How to connect SPO to AWS with AAD auth (checklist)”

Sharepoint Online to Azure Web Service authenticated with AAD


You want to communicate from Sharepoint Online with your Azure Web Application authenticated with AAD using javascript.

You configured AAD, run some AJAX call to service and received:
XMLHttpRequest cannot load https://<App_URL>. No ‘Access-Control-Allow-Origin’ header is present on the requested resource. Origin ‘https://<tenant_name>.sharepoint.com‘ is therefore not allowed access.
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