Notes from Collaboration Summit 2018 conference

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Few days ago I was on European Collaboration Summit 2018 conference – one of the biggest Office365&SharePoint-oriented conferences in Europe.
I’ve learned a lot, talked with multiple MVP’s and speakers about O365/SP issues, changes and future approaches.
I want to share my notes with you:
What is coming for Microsoft Productivity area (SharePoint, Office 365)
Microsoft Teams:
– Library UX in Microsoft Teams will have the same UX as library in SharePoint UX.
– Microsoft Teams will have new tab type: SharePoint Page 🙂
– news aggregated from SP News Pages may be fetched into channel via new connector dedicated for sp news page.
– SharePoint will get an Image Webpart which displays image and also suggest tags based on objects recognition in image(!).
– New Modern SP News pages – aggregate news from site hubs. Allow for creating templates, targeting (via details panel that based on metadata). News can be marked as “read later” (such news will appear in dedicated panel in user profile) and also marked as official (which will increase reach to recipients). Page promotion can be also achieved via email (right from the page) or added to navigation for better visibility. If page was not a news page it can be easily converted to such. Worth to note that you can also utilize Microsoft Flow for workflows activities (accepting, reviewing, publishing, extended notification etc). In terms of future releases Microsoft is working on network/click analytics as well as automatic translations
– SharePoint pages support content targeting so people will see content more personlized
– “Share with” expirience will be constant on every device. Moreover all related policies will be better visible for sharing person.
– you can embed Microsoft Streams video as a webpart in SP page. Why to do that? Because Microsoft Streams supports searching inside video (!)
– Site Collection structure will be replaced by Site Hubs. Hub sites aggregate news/activity content + add same global navigation. Hub concept bases on site label tagging (rather than structural db-related site collections that makes maintenance not that easy) – you can easily move site from one hub to another.
SharePoint search:
– In new SharePoint Classic Search UX will be replaced by Modern Search. It will be also open for customization using spfx.
– OneDrive will monitor suspicious behaviours (i.e. caused by maleware) and allows you for ease restoration of all changed files
Yammer is now more integrated:
– Yammer groups connected to O365 groups (had a shared calendar, SP site)
– announcements are push msgs on mobile
– well cooperate with Streams
– will be integrated with SP search (soon)
– Future: all files in yammer will be stored in SP, content sharing improvements, further development over employee engagement and social features.
– PnP is going powerful more and more. One of the best Frameworks from Microsoft (or not that Microsoft in fact ;)). Billions of usage per month. Absolutely amazing. If you do not know it that better do – immediately!!!111oneone -> 

 – You probably may heard of Site Scripts: JSON files, which define an ordered list of actions to execute while creating the SharePoint site. The actions can include any combination of below:

  • Create a new list
  • Apply theme
  • Set site logo
  • Add navigation
  • Trigger Microsoft flow

Site design may contains 1 or more site scripts. However site scripts has it’s own limitations (i.e. no they are non-destructive. You can only add missing elements to the site). But where site scripts stops a pnp provisioning engine takes over!

On one of the sessions there were presented example of site provisioning via site scripts that runs azure function which apply pnp-provisioning.

From others topics:
– Skype for Business will be supported for on-premise solutions
– Microsoft Flow got new block that allows for calling ANY sharepoint REST endpoint…A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!
– SharePoint on-prem will have a Microsoft Flow gateway. However SharePoint Workflows will be still supported but it is recommended so that you first try to find a solution using Flow and if it is unachievable than try with SharePoint Workflows.
So to summarize it:
MS has a plan and they seems to know what they’re doing.
Paraphrasing Steve Ballmer words: Integrate, Integrate, Integrate.