About Me

Welcome on my blog!

My name is Michael Guzowski and I’m associated with Microsoft Sharepoint platform since 2013. Being Developer and Consultant for Sharepoint Online, Sharepoint On-prem, Office 365 is my bread and butter and so far I’ve achieved MCSA and MCSD certifications.

If you’re interested in my career experience – check out my linkedIn profile.

So SharePoint is one thing but I love to be beyond any frames so I have also experience in other Microsoft productivity solutions (MS Flows, MS Teams etc) as well as on IoT (RPi, Arduino).

Oh and so I’ve already mentioned productivity word – it’s one of my favourites since I’m big fun of productivity in general (Getting Things Done, Inbox zero, Agile management are well known to me but I’m still sure that I need to learn a lot about being productive). 

Besides technical stuff – I’m a husband of wonderful woman who supports me on every step I’ve made since 2010, I train gym, kickboxing, percussion, dancing Lindy Hop, travelling by motorcycle, mountains walking, reading/listening to books that develop my mind and spirit…Generally speaking I’m trying to live everyday to take the most of it.


Yep, so that’s me in few lines. I’m sure you will find on my blog some great and helpful knowledge for you.

You’re more than welcome to leave me a comment or contact me directly on contact[at]itgoat.pl

You can also read some of my posts on Findwise blog where I currently work.