Week 44 update

When I wrote post about August changes in Microsoft products I was not expecting that it will be so hard to decide which information include in such update – Microsoft is changing a lot (which is great!) and I would like to give you every great link that I came across on the internet but from the other side – if you would have to check every link or article I’ve provided you and read it…such updates will be pointless because I want it to give you quick glance of “how things are going in general in MS”.

That’s why I came up with new idea – week updates! Every friday so you can have a lecture for weekend and be updated for next week 🙂

I want to gather information about MS products road map updates (preview/release), some announcements about future plans and great articles that reading give you a lot of value.


So – here we go!


Roadmap updates


  1. Onedrive was always kind of mistery in terms of integration with other MS tools, licensing and priv/biz. Now it’s not! 
  2. Roadmap for Skype for Business capabilities coming to Microsoft Teams
  3. An introduction to Azure Web Apps on Linux
  4. Want to introduce your employees to the newest updates in SharePoint Online? At office.com/training, there are 3 new SharePoint Online training courses to help users get up and running


Have a great weekend!

How to get all terms from Managed Metadata Service in SharePoint?

In this post I want to show you quick solution how to get all terms from Managed Metadata Service in Sharepoint Online


A colleague from my company asked me is there an easy way to get all terms from Managed Metadata Service in SharePoint Online. I told him:

– “sure, there is managed metadata app that allows you to navigate through whole managed metadata terms structure. Have you tried that?”

– “Yeah I know. But I need to export all terms, with their structure path and present them in list” (don’t really remember specific reason – suppose some data science probably). 

– “Oh, I see…”

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Sharepoint Framework in SharePoint Search Driven Architecture

On 16.10.2017 I had a privilege to be one of speakers on ShareCon365. I had technical speech where I showed how to make Sharepoint Framework (SPFx) apps in Search Driven Architecture. If you were on my speech you are probably interested in materials which you can find here: My presentation materials.

If you were not…than keep reading 🙂 

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How to change Todoist task project when task is updated using Flow


You need to make automation so when you’ll set a date for any Todoist task it will be moved to special project called “Planned”.

Sounds like piece a cake so you decide to achieve it quick and simple using workflow software like Zapier, IFTTT or Microsoft Flow.

But if something looks easy it means that it will be not, right?


Actually there are 3 of them.

  1. There is no trigger “Todoist – when a task is updated”. Neither in Zapier, IFTTT or MS Flow.
  2. If you want to check if JSON contains some property (i.e. Date field) and/or JSON property is not empty there is no easy to use function in Zapier or IFTTT
  3. There is no action (block) that allows you to change todoist task project. Neither in Zapier, IFTTT or MS Flow.

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